ipm7Config (ipMonitor 7.x Config Soap Interface)
Formal Definition: Refer to the WSDL Service Description.
The ipMonitor 7.x Config Soap Interface provides secure access over SSL (if chosen as the protocol) to back-end configuration.
Methods (C#):
Using the ipMonitor 7.x Config WSDL in Visual Studio .NET
  1. Save WSDL to your hard drive
  2. In the WSDL, locate and update the soap:address "http://youripm7addr/" to reflect your ipMonitor 7.x instance
  3. In your C# or ASP.NET project, add a web reference and specify the location of your Modified WSDL
  4. When naming the web reference, use ipm7config
  5. The following c# code will assist with testing the generated SoapHttpClientProtocol
    // application initialization abbreviated
    ipm7config.ipm7Config proxy = new ipm7config.ipm7Config();
    Regex r = new Regex("^(.*)soap/config.asmx$", RegexOptions.IgnoreCase );
    Match m = r.Match( proxy.Url );
    if( m.Success )
      CredentialCache cache = new CredentialCache();
      cache.Add( new Uri( m.Captures[0].Value ), "Digest", new NetworkCredential( SecurelyStoredAccount, SecurelyStoredPassword ) );
      proxy.Credentials = cache;
      long []monlist = proxy.MonitorList();

Enumerations and Structures (C#):

  • public class cfgItem
      public long           ID;                  // ID of the Object
      public string         name;                // name of the object
      public long           type;                // numerical ID of object type
      public string         typedesc;            // Textual description of object type